About Us

We, at VerenaHotels, we are passionate about travel. We are a company of travelers, for 35 years and more in the tourism field, who come to work every day with passion to make travel better.

With an innovative approach, we use our collective intelligence to invent technology and create products to simplify and improve travel for our customers and partners. Our primary growth drivers rely on technology and product innovation, global expansion, and new channel penetration.

We are enterprising. We persistently seek out opportunity. We take risks, act with purpose and always work together to find a way to get the job done at the best possible way, and in the simplest possible way.

The aim of VerenaHotels is to own and power the best travel brands in the world. We want your shopping experience to be objective, innovative, self-reliant and most importantly fast. We want our brands relentlessly focused on what drives value for our customers.

An informative, user-friendly website that guarantees the best available prices, our goal is to provide business and leisure travelers with the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of accommodation and travel products in every corner of the world.

VerenaHotels.com offers you the best technical and logistic assistance, with a professional help center, available 24/7 to assist our customers and ensure an exceptional travel experience.

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